jinxed Toy2R

On Saturday June 26th 2010, the opening of the DIY Qee Custom Event will be held at Jinxed in Philadelphia. As a part of the ongoing Toy2R 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour, the show opens at 6PM and will feature customized 8" Qees by:

Dave Fox, Jason Goldberg, Jude Ianelli, Steve Tibieri, Dave Weeks, Papermonster, Dan Hughes, Delirious, Crystal Shepard, Bird, Monique Ligons, The Gus, Joey Gothelf, Furry Couch, Katie Perdue, Joe Knuckles, Dave Glass, Nosego, Ronnie Bullets, Robert Kraiza and Kate Collins

Jinxed is located at 2nd & Germantown Ave at The Piazza at Schmidts.

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