onell CaliberDome

Onell Design is surprising us with a new wave of releases later today Saturday June 5th 2010 at 3PM EST. First up is the above pictured Caliber Dome (reconfigured light blue Callgrim). This is Onell Design's very first Callgrim crossover release and will be available for $10 each.

onell DSRDome3up

Next up is the Morphisar Conversion Set, which will sell for $20 per set of 47 parts. Each Morphisar will ship in one of 3 formations - DSR Dome, Dome Runner or a Phanost Clone with Roller Pack.

onell PhaseArmorPhanost

For those who prefer the smaller run custom Glyos figures, Onell will be releasing the General Phanost Custom Corps. Limited to 2 per customer, this limited run of special hand dyed Phanost figure are built up versions of the original figure. For $25 each, you can snag a blind bag that will get you one of four style figures: General Phanost Standard run, General Phanost Altervoth run, Phase Armor MK III Phanost gradient run and a special fourth type that remains a secret.

onell Randomizer

Finally, the Randomizer will give you a shot (for $8 per blind bag) at picking up a random Glyos figure. It could be an older PVC production piece or something from Matt's personal collection. You won't know until you open the bag.

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