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Holly's (A Little Stranger) latest custom, Redcoat, is an 8″ Qee that's on his way to the Civil War and Our Founding Fathers show. The custom includes taxidermy eyes, sculpey and a fluffy faux fur coat. She created a bio, explaining what the character is about and the inspiration behind him:

Meet Redcoat, a monster older than he looks. He journeyed to America with the British Army and it was during the American Revolution he realised that all men (and presumably monsters) were created equal and that like, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was more his style, just like the founding fathers. Redcoat lives in the forests of New England (he’s English after all) and now spends his days in the sunshine tearing about with the squirrels.

As a British Artist i wanted to bring something very English to the theme of the show. I love the bold colour and iconic white cross design of the redcoats and thought they would be interesting as an animal’s ur, as if the animals were intrinsically patriotic and brave. Redcoats oak branch antlers give contrast against his fluffy fur coat.

redcoat 2


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