BankAmerica BelledSlayer Closeup Face

Lee Gajda (Leecifer) collaborated with Bob Conge (Plaseebo) using one Bob’s ominously current and timely “Bank America” figures as the base piece. Lee sculpted a large set of antlers to convey it’s great age, adorned with the promise and warning of riches and greed in the form of hanging coins and scaled paper money. Here's how Lee describes the piece:

The intent being that, much like Jeffery Jones late 70’s piece (“Belling the Slayer”) where upon young virginal women where able to approach a physical manifestation of an antlered grim reaper and attach bells to it’s large rack so that it’s intended victims might have some warning as the chiming of the bells would herald it’s arrival, so too is it w/ our piece. In this case the bells being replaced w/ the tinkling coins and whisper of paper money alerting those in it’s path that financial ruin is upon them, all finished in my signature paint style. Sadly neither Bob nor I could pass as young, nubile, attractive women, but the “Bank American Belled Slayer” works very well none-the-less as a striking piece of art and a reminder to keep an eye on the activities of our financial institutions and the dubious intents of their corporate royalty.

BankAmerica BelledSlayer Topfrnt BankAmerica BelledSlayer Rght BankAmerica BelledSlayer Bck

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