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Erick Scarecrow has announced the the fourth colorway for the LVL 9999 Miruku Papa Sama series - The Pearly Guardian Papa Sama.


Before you confront the Boom Jack Papa Sama about flipping the Woodhermit's masks, you'll have to get pass the Pearly Guardian first. This Papa Sama is armed with a heavy mace and loves to blind his opponents by reflecting the sun's rays against his shiny armor skin. To defeat the Pearly Guardian you'll need the help of the Mama Sama.

Each 8" handpainted resin figure is signed/numbered by the artist and comes sealed in the Scarecrow's box. The edition size is limited to 25 pieces worldwide, however, less than 25 will be available. Each piece will run $120, with free shipping in US (and international shipping available). This colorway will be made available this Friday (May 7th 2010) at 11AM EST.

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