MikeSlobot SilberMikroGrunMikro 15AnnivQees Both2

The Qeeology 2.5 Show opened up last night, and one of the artists who saw some of his customs on display was Mike Slobots. These are a set of 3” Egg Qees – Slobots “silbermikro-10a” and “grunmikro-10a”. These customs feature glow-in-the-dark wire connectors and mirrored eyes.

MikeSlobot GrunrMikro 15AnnivQees 4 MikeSlobot GrunrMikro 15AnnivQees 3 MikeSlobot SilberMikro 15AnnivQees 1 MikeSlobot SilberMikro 15AnnivQees 2

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