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A few months back, the fine folks from released a companion to their initial plush release 0f Mellowtron. Her name is Roxybot and there are only 100 of them made ($35 each). Now, if we sell at least half of them, they'll start working on their third plush robot - Angrybot.

Here's Roxybot's story:

"One-hundred Roxybots were made. Roxybot was a hot-pink electric guitarist made to play for rock bands that could not find their own. Her system was modeled after past, successful rockstars such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jack White, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, and Keith Richards.

After a widely successful release, complaints began to flood in about Roxybot’s behavior. Stories of Roxybot destroying large amounts of sound equipment during shows, or excessive spending of band money on scarves and sunglasses were rampant. Unfortunately Roxybot had acquired both the brilliant shredding skills and the less than perfect personality of past rock’n’rollers.

In one week all 100 Roxybots had been returned to the factory that produced them. Now, all the Roxybots are sitting around the factory humming guitar rifts and mumbling in raspy english accents. Are these Roxybots really unfit to live amongst us? For the love of music Roxy deserves another chance."

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