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The folks at TyoToys describe their company as breaking “the collectible toy mold by offering scale replicas from graffiti's living legends.” Their first release brings collectors the work of graffiti artist (and designer toy veteran) Ewok 5MH on the side of an 8” long box truck.

The Ewok 5MH Box Truck is the initial design from the company, and one of many collectible pieces from the Brooklyn, NY based artist.

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The Facts

Ewok 5MH Box Truck
Manufacturer: TyoToys
Artist: Ewok 5MH
Material: Metal cab with plastic parts
Dimensions: 8” long by 3.5” tall
Accessories: Ewok 5MH and TyoToys stickers
Edition Size: 100 pieces

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The truck is packaged in a brown rectangular cardboard box. There’s a sticker attached to the front that gives the box the appearance of a package waiting to be shipped. Inside, the truck is secured to the inner packaging using twist ties.

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Our Opinion

In the past, we’ve seen graffiti artists release their tags and/or artwork using several different formats. We’ve seen some tags turned into three-dimensional display pieces. Some have gone the platform figure route. But the most genuine - to the roots of graffiti - have been those that place the artwork on places where you’d actually see graffiti – walls, subway cars, and trucks.

In steps TyoToys with this box truck featuring the tag of Ewok 5MH – the first graffiti-inspired truck toy that I’ve see. The tag side of the truck is actually a sticker, although it looks like it was painted on there. You can tell by the lack of texture, and if you look closely, you can see the edges of the sticker. The other side of the box truck features Ewok 5MH’s signature in silver marker.

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The wheels on the truck are functional – so if you want to play demolition derby with your new $65 designer piece…more power to you. Both of the cab doors open up to reveal a three seater. The box doors also open up for easy storage of whatever you like.

Overall, I like where TyoToys is going with this line. This specific tag lacks a lot of colors, but it’s executed to near perfection. It’s really a matter of whether you like this tag or are a fan of this artist. I’m assuming that there will be more box trucks available featuring the artwork of other graffiti artists, since they’d only need to swap out the sticker artwork. (They also included this great little Plastic and Plush mini truck - photos of that below...very cool)

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You can pick one up at the following:

Frozen Empire Toys: $59.95

Ewok 5MH Box Truck Grades

Figure Quality: 8/10
   Sculpt: 8/10
   Paint: N/A
Accessories/Outfit: N/A
Packaging: 8/10
Durability: 8/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 7/10

Overall: 8.8/10

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