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Phoenix-based artist Aaron Boy recently completed his latest custom toy - "Dante the Devourer". This one is a customized 18" tall Knuckle Bear by Touma. The piece is for the "Toy (Re)Collections" show being held at the Lulubell Toy Bodega on June 5th (running until the end of the month).

The story of this piece is that Dante the Devourer roams the galaxy searching for anything he can consume. Like a black hole he consumes planets, stars, and anything he lays eyes upon. He must constantly devour energy to keep his heart powered so it does not consume itself and inevitably him in its yucky, sticky, blackness.

The piece will be on sale through the Lulubell Toy Bodega gallery for the entirety of the exhibition for $700, and - if not sold - it will be available through Aaron Boy's web store afterward.

aaron boy custom2

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