Zerofriends presents: “SKETCH 4 SKETCH” - A Nationwide Quest To Exchange Inspiration For Inspiration.

Starting on Friday, April 16th 2010 in Sacramento, Bay area artists Alex Pardee & Dave Correia, along with filmmaker Stephen Reedy, are venturing across the United States on a quest for some well-needed inspiration. Utilizing social networking software such as Twitter and uStream, and armed with only a camera, a sketch pad, and raffle tickets to sell along the way for gas money, the crew of artists will be stopping in over 30 cities in random locations around the country, hoping to not only meet fans and friends, but to trade quick sketches for quick sketches in order to jostle their imagination and drench them in inspiration, and in hopes of mutually offering some inspiration of their own. Along their journey, some big surprises are going to occur, and we are sure some spontaneous fun will show up, too.

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