Rivet Gallery has a pair of shows opening up this weekend (tonight, actually).

rivet 1 rivet 2

Toy2R 15th Anniversary Qee Show
Toy2R company is celebrating the 15th anniversary of Qee.  Rivet is showcasing their platform Baby Qee figures which come in 7 inch and 3.5 inch varieties.  The show will feature customized Baby Qee figures from 20 artists.  All work will be available for sale and 25% of sales proceeds will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.  An opening reception will be held tonight - Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 - from 7PM until 10PM with some artists in attendance.  The exhibit will be on display through April 28.

rivet 3

Custom Yoka Show
The traveling custom toy show presented by DKE Toys and adFunture hits Rivet tonight as well.  This show will feature custom work from over 200 artists from 20 countries.  The exhibit will be on display through April 25.

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