Mad Joe of Overkill Creations has dropped the first figure from The Resin Syndicate (The Masters of the Bootleg) line. The Boulder-Man (from Project Boulderdash) stands in at 4" tall and features 6 points of articulation. It's a small, 25 piece run made up of 3 different colorways - Green (8 pieces), Orange (9 pieces) and Black (8 pieces).

boulder art

The design sculpt/bootleg and card art are all by Mad Joe Customizer. The card is actually laminated and "reopen-able", so you can put the figure in and out of its packaging. And you can pick one of them up for $25 plus $4 shipping.

I love the stuff that Overkill Creations is putting out...but this one might have taken it up another notch. $29?!!? Go buy it!


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