leecifer 5 Eyed Dragon Postcard frnt 72dpi leecifer 5 Eyed Dragon Postcard bck 72dpi

Saturday evening - from 7PM until 11ish - if you're in Sacramento, you'll want to get to Dragatomi for the opening of The 5 Eyed Dragon show featuring art and customs from Southern Drawl, DrilOne, Leecifer, Brent Nolsaco and Betso.

Artist Leecifer sent us several photos of some of his customs that will be featured in the show. Just be in awe of his custom skills...

leecifer 5Eyed Dragon Dunny frnt leecifer 5Eyed Dragon Dunny peek leecifer El Blowfish frnt leecifer El Blowfish rght leecifer El Blowfish bck leecifer Onyx Thumper frnt leecifer Onyx Thumper rght leecifer Onyx Thumper bck leecifer Thumpalope belly lft leecifer Thumpalope mouth leecifer Thumpalope rght clsup leecifer Thumpalope top lft

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