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New at Frozen Empire Toys – April 2010


Now Available from Frozen Empire Toys:
T9G X Tim Biskup Rangeas colored by MOGraphixx / Intheyellow - $99.95
Bird God - Night Edition Edition by James Jarvis / Amos Toys - $59.95
Celsius - Original Black Edition by Rotobox / Kuso Vinyl - $74.95
Tic Toc Mini Figure Series by Amanda Visell / Kidrobot - $9.95
Bird God - Day Edition by James Jarvis / Amos Toys - $59.95
Purple Baby Knuckle Bear by Touma / Wonderwall - $44.95
Uglydolls - 12" Pointy Max Plush by David Horvath - $18.50
Red Baby Knuckle Bear by Touma / Wonderwall - $44.95
Uglydolls - 12" Picksey Plush by David Horvath - $18.50
Jackalope Plush by Amanda Visell / Kidrobot - $29.95
Joe Ledbetter's Sketchbook by Nerdcore - $24.95
Snow Baby Treeson by Crazy Label - $9.95
Mad*L X Doktor A - Lift Exclusive - $34.95
DIY BIC Buddy by BIC Plastics - $24.95
Hi-Fructose Magazine - Issue 15 - $6.95
Keep your eye on the website for frequent updates 🙂

Qeeology 2.5 Exhibit – Artist Line-up

qeeology teaser flyer
qeeology flyer artists

Toy2R USA has announced the artist lineup that will be a part of the Qeeology 2.5 Exhibit taking place on May 7th 2010. The show will feature over 100 customized 2.5" Qees from more than 70 artists from across the globe. From Poland, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and multiple states within the USA - this is truly an international event.

This exhibit features customs from some highly recognizable artists as well as new up and coming stars, including:

Pocket Wookie, RSIN, Plaseebo, DrilOne, Leecifer, WuzOne, Gawein Customs, OsirisOrion, Tony Depew, Aaron Jarzynka, Albert Art, babyvtec, Sneaky Raccoon, Fried Gold Productions, Audrey Smith, Ben Swift, Lysol 13, B.A.L.D., Caroline David, Robot Luv, Cathy Solarano, Chris Dyer, KiLL!, Chris.o.saur, ciah-ciah, Colin Mohnacs, CRZ PRZ, Drew Hoffman, Erik Jorgensen, SINNED, Slobot, Dr. Krinkles, Hans Yim, A Little Stranger, Fuller Designs, Jamie Fales, Jan Huling, Jason Ables, Bleeding Edges, Jeremie Memming, Jim Koch, Joe Scarano, Oakley Jason, Rampage Toys, Joemm Blanche, Kelly Vetter, Acrylicana, Kim Mayhem, Kyle Meyer, Larry Greyczik, Barry O’Neil, Groucho, Lisa Rae Hansen, I Got Sole, Matt Connelly, Nicole Gustafsson, Owen Dewitt, Peter Worth, Quan Vu, Phil T Hunter, Blinky, Rio McCarthy, Roger Buchholz, Ryan Glass, Droppixel, Sandra Sommers, William Long, Monsterbot Studios, Scott Sauer, Todd Robertson, Ryan Minard, Valerie Gudell, and Ryan Holt

The exhibit will open at the Marz martini bar located at 1140 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. The event, the first art showing for Marz, takes place during the First Friday Art Walk in May in downtown Lincoln.

Bwana’s Studio Sale

grass hut bwana

One of our favorites - Bwana Spoons - posted up an impromptu studio sale last night through this website. Grass Hut is moving to a smaller location in downtown Portland next week, and while shuffling goodies around, Bwana came across an awesome box of art along with a few hidden customs. He's posted all of these things at the above you better act fast.

Rogue Taxidermy Show


The Rogue Taxidermy Show is the creation of oddities, using traditional taxidermy materials and techniques. The opening reception takes place at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on May 7th, 2010 from 8PM until 11PM. The following day, there will be a Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists Live Squirrel Masterclass & Chili Gamefeed Featuring Robert Marbury and special guests from 6PM to 9PM.

Huntress – Now Available


Tonner has announced that their C2E2 Exclusive Huntress Tonner Character Figure is currently available through This is a limited edition of 200 pieces, and since many of them have already sold at the convention...there aren't many left. You can pick one up for $159.99.

Star Wars Vinylmation Sneak

vinylmation stars wars 1
vinylmation stars wars 2

Disney has revealed the final two sneak peeks at their Star Wars Vinylmation series. Yes, that's Chewbacca and Han Solo in little Mickey form. The Chewbacca design might be my favorite of those that have been revealed. I'm looking forward to how these turn out.

Wendy O. Williams “1982” Throbblehead


Aggronautix is releasing their very first female throbblehead, Wendy O. Williams "1982". The 7" tall polyresin figure is limited to 2,000 numbered units. Wendy is the sixth punk personality to be polyresinated by Aggronautix. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Astral Mujus Series

AstralFelt Flyer

The new Muju felt series will go on sale in the Mujuworld shop on May 1st 2010.  There are a total of 9 handmade Astral Mujus in this collection and each one comes with a limited edition 'Muju Astral Power' print (shown below).

Astral Print Web

Misfortune Cat ‘Playge’

ferg misfortune playge full2

Jamungo will be releasing the Misfortune Cat 'Playge' this Friday (April 30th 2010) at 12:00 noon Central Time. You'll be able to pick up Ferg's creation through the special Playge Store. Each 9" rotocast vinyl figure includes a velvet bag. This version is limited to a run of 100 pieces, each running $85 (including worldwide shipping via FedEx).

ferg misfortune playge close3

Gas Masked Rider Custom

gas rider 3
gas rider 1

Entitled Gas Masked Rider, Daniel Yu's latest custom piece was commissioned by a local collector. It consists of both a Vespa and its rider done up in 1/18 scale. The custom work features a Maisto 1/18 scale Vespa and GI Joe figure, with the use of epoxy sculpt and acrylic paint.

gas rider 2