mr mrs toast 1

"He's back!!!" And this time he's brought a friend!Zombie Toast was feeling kind of lonely, so he created a friend. It didn't take much time at all. He just dropped a slice of bread behind the fridge and waited...

Soon enough he had his own "Mrs. Zombie Toast"!

Together they are unstoppable!

Mrs. Zombie Toast is one deadly diva with her rolling pin and jelly entrails she claimed from a defenseless donut!

The Mr. & Mrs. Zombie Toast Set will be released today (April 5, 2010) from and limited to only 20 pieces. The first 10 sets will come with a limited edition Terry the Spastic Toaster mini figure. Each set will sell for $23.00 (or figures are also available separately).

Each 2" body is hand sculpted from vinyl clay and hand painted. The faces are printed on plastic to ensure the continuity of each figure and placed in a handmade, signed and numbered boxes.

mr mrs toast 2

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