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One of the new resin figurines released by Patch Together is from artist David Willis, whose web comic is named ShortPacked! From that comic, comes Amber O’Malley - a girl with her trusty corn popper push toy. Here’s her background story:

Amber is uneasy when dealing with people, so Cheese only knows why she runs the customer service desk. It probably has to do with how she feels more secure behind the counter, so long as there’s a solid barrier between herself and the real li- -er, customers.

Slowly, Amber has grown more and more confidence in herself, but she’s been using it to blackmail Mike into a sexy yet twisted relationship. Uh oh.

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The Facts

Amber O’Malley
Manufacturer: Patch Together
Artist: David Willis (ShortPacked)
Material: Resin
Dimensions: 6” tall
Points of Articulation: zero
Accessories: Corn popper push-toy

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Amber O’Malley comes packaged in a small white box. It’s similar to other Patch Together boxes, but there is a sticker on the front of this one. In addition to the above reprinted background story, there’s an illustration of the character in a pose similar to the figure.

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Our Opinion

Before seeing the Patch Together’s Amber O’Malley figure, I hadn’t heard of the character or the artist – David Willis. So, I was fairly open and didn’t have any preconceived notions about how the resin piece should look. Now, comparing the figure to the illustration, I think Patch Together did a pretty good job recreating the look.

The piece comes secured to a black oval base – for your displaying pleasure. The corn popper push-toy is a separate resin piece. It comes in split into two so that you can slide the toy into Amber’s hands. The issue with this piece is that the clear bubble on the toy is so heavy…that it ends up spinning to the bottom. You can place this piece against her hand, to stop this from happening.

Overall, it’s a fairly standard resin figure. The paintwork is average. The quality of the actual figure is slightly higher than the corn popper accessory. But it’s really up to you…whether or not you like the character. Personally, I wouldn’t pay $40 for it, since I’m not connected to the character. But fans of the ShortPacked web comic will love this.

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You can pick one up at the following:

Patch Together: $39.95

Amber O'Malley Grades

Figure Quality: 7/10
   Sculpt: 8/10
   Paint: 7/10
Accessories/Outfit: 5/10
Packaging: 6/10
Durability: 7/10
Fun Factor: 7/10
Value: 6/10

Overall: 7.4/10

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