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Atomic Mushroom has introduced Panzer Ace - the newest addition to their Superhero robot line. The figure stands a little over 8" tall, features three points of articulation and has a removable jump pack. It's slated for an April 2010 release and will be limited to 250 pieces in this blue colorway. (These are photos of the pre-production vinyl samples painted in all metallic colors with shading effects) If they turn out like this...winner!

Panzer Ace is one of Combat R Zero's ally in the battle against the evil Tyran invaders. Officialy designated as "CR-1" in the developing background story "GO-BOLTS", Panzer Ace is actually one of the first five super robots developed before Combat R Zero. CR-5 (yet to be named) was the first to have been built.

Unlike Combat R Zero, Panzer Ace is more of a land based mech specializing in heavy weapons such as missiles and its very powerful main cannon on it's chest. Not capaoble of sustained flight, CR-1 does have a very powerful jump pack enabling it to leap across great distances.

panzer right panzer back left

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