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Detroit Devil and Mr. Bonzy

htxb dd
htxb bonzy

Here is a sneak peek at the Detroit Devil and Mr. Bonzy prototypes of the Kreepy Boxx designs created by Ryon Xavier Smith of HTXB Studio.  The figures will be 4.5" tall, with and estimated 100 to 200 pieces per each character in vinyl and resin. 

Our Mystery Toy Box

question mark

Available through our Plastic and Plush Shop, we're giving you the chance at picking up one of our limited number of Mystery Toy Boxes. These are available for $65 plus $15 for shipping anywhere.

Our toy storage space is dwindling, so we're giving you the opportunity to buy one of our Mystery Toy Boxes. Packed in a large flat rate box (so we can get up to 70 pounds in there), we'll load it with plastic and plush toys worth well over the selling price. It's like the ultimate blind box.

Démons de Papier


Jack Hankins from Horrorwood has introduced his latest custom paper project - “Démons de Papier”. For this series, Jack invited four French artists to customize his Paper Demon toy. The featured artists are: Tougui, Jerom, Fasmer, and Guillain the Vilain. Each model also includes a unique backdrop to make a complete diorama. And they're free to download.

Eco Tabby

eco tabby 2

Artist David Shin is a graphic designer from Buenos Aires (currently in Santiago, Chile). His current project is called Eco Tabby. Not knowing how to sew, he chose to use recyclable plastic bags - instead of fabric - to create eco tabby.

eco tabby