bic buddy brent nolasco 1

Check out the BIC Buddy Custom - from Brent Nolasco - for the BIC Buddy Show. Entitled Many life times have past, the custom includes "Ave Sculpt, Wood, Plastic, Vinyl Toy Left Overs, Found Objects, Acrylic Paint and a lot of work". Here's how Brent describes the project:

"This custom was a lot of work. It seems like it demanded and wanted my full attention like a child. The concept behind this custom was to sculpt a little more then I use to. The paint job is to be abstract and defined all at the same time. So when you are look at it you visually go from things being transparent ,translucent to defended. To construct the piece I used Ave Sculpt to sculpt the head and other parts of the body. With all my custom I like to use a variety of objects and materials to make the custom."

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