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Buffalo Toyz, a newly formed designer toy division of French label Attakus,  has unveiled their new Alyenz blind-box platform figures. Each series (two planned so far) is composed of 9 different 3.2" tall vinyl figures that are slated to sell around $14 each.

Alyenz Invasion 1 (already released) consists of the following artists: Genevieve Gauckler, Lewis Trondheim, Soldedad Bravi, Marc Caro, Run, The Black Frog, Stan, Yoann Etienne Aillaud.

Alyenz Invasion 2 (September 2010) includes these artists: Rolito Pierre la Police, Philippe Buchet, Soledad Bravi, The Black Frog, Fred Blanchard, Etienne Aillaud, Yoann.

alyenz 2

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