gr2 knockman

Giant Robot will be host to a rare U.S. appearance by Tosa Novmichi on Saturday February 20th, 2010 from 5PM until 7PM. Tosa is half of the legendary Japan-based Maywa Denki music and art duo that creates its own ingenious and otherworldly instruments. In addition to touring and playing sold-out rock concerts around the world with their pneumatic, electronic, automated, and conceptual music devices, they create some of the world's most interesting and interactive toys.

Following the footsteps of the popular Knockman family comes the Otamatone. The piece looks like a musical note and plays like a Theremin. Fans of electronic music, cool toys, and otaku culture from Japan will not want to miss Tosa's personal demonstration of the toy.

2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025