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The Elemental Badgers by FOOX are 5" vinyl totems created by artist David Foox and limited to just a few pieces. Born out of several years on the drawing table, the figures are set for release soon. There are only 25 complete sets available and reservations begin this week (February 25th, 2010) at

These collectible vinyl toys have facial features and a body type that are impossible to resist. According to FOOX these vinyls will come in one of five colorways (red, green, blue, gray, and gold) and each colorway carries with it a hopeful message, wish or desire.

AIR BADGER - This totem represents the breath of universal life. It is the Word itself and the palpable sign of invisible life. Carry this totem to bring harmony and peace into your life.

FIRE BADGER - This totem corresponds to the Heart. It symbolizes the passion of love and life. Carry it to bring zest to your life and adventure, love, passion, and energy.

WATER BADGER - The vehicle for cleansing and regeneration. This totem contains all the promises of evolution and will heal the sick.

EARTH BADGER - This totem represents gentleness and fertility. Carry this totem if you wish to conceive now or later.

SOUL BADGER - This totem represents the everlasting energy of the immortal soul within each of us. Carry this totem to remember that you do in fact control your destiny.

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