super special combo pack

Maximum Joy and Terry One are best friends (well sort of). Terry doesn't really like Maximum Joy, and is only after his food, money and beverages, whilst Maximum Joy likes to watch Terry One walk around as he reminds him of a long moving raisin.

Both figures - Maximum Joy and Terry One - are hand cast in resin and hand painted with acrylic paints (and a bit of spraypaint), in the deepest bowels of the Tessetoys manufacturing plant. Maximum Joy stands at 4" (10cm) high and Terry One is 1.4" (3.2cm) taller. Also included in the 'Super Special Combo Pack' will be some special Tessetoys stickers.

maximum joy figure spin

If you're interested in picking one of these sets up, they'll be available through the Tesseshop for £26 (about $41) at 4PM BST on the February 15th 2010.

terry one and packaging

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