destroyer brian slivka

Eric Nocella Diaz from Argonaut Resins has revealed the entire lot of customized Destroyer (designed by O_Negative) resin figures. We have photos of 20 custom Destroyers, that we'll be revealing throughout the day. There are some well known designers, and maybe some artists that are new to you. These will eventually go on sale, with all of the profits going to a charity called Operation Smile.

The designers shown here are in order: (above) Brian Slivka (yep...that's mine); Andy Heng (ToysRevil); Chauskoskis (Walter Jacott); Dan Brodzik; David Ralabate; Ed Wires; Emily Beaulieu.

destroyer andy heng tre destroyer chauskoskis destroyer dan brodzik destroyer david ralabate destroyer ed wires destroyer emily beaulieu

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