mrcappy resin

Blamo Toys has announced the newest resident to enter Blamoville: Mr. Cappy.

"Mr. Cappy is an avid rock collector. His hobby supports his love of consuming rocks and he is more often heard than seen as he munches away his impressive collection. When Mr. Cappy is not tending to his rock garden he can usually be found sumo wrestling and boulder rolling."

On Monday January 11th 2009 (at 12 Noon), Blamo Toys will be releasing 2 versions of this new character. The Resin Mr Cappy ($130 plus shipping) is constructed of hand cast resin and rusted bottle caps. The Brass Mr Cappy ($225 plus shipping) has a body of solid cast brass, rusted bottle caps for arms and legs, and two brass hands. He is limited to only 6 figures in this style.

mrcappy metal

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