toy awards 2009's that time of the year again. Time to look back at the year that was, make some lists of our favorites, and let you debate. So, over the next few weeks, we'll be announcing the recipients of the 2009 Plastic and Plushies.

Oh! And we're going to be giving away a bunch of prizes to you. How can you enter? We're asking you for your "Best Of" 2009 list. Send an email to including the following:

  1. Favorite Artist

  2. Favorite Company

  3. Favorite Toy Line

  4. Worst Toy

  5. Favorite Articulated Figure

  6. Favorite Resin

  7. Favorite Plush

  8. Favorite Vinyl

Also, include your shipping address in the email...because we need to know where to send your prize. And what is that prize? We'll be revealing them tomorrow. And there will be several of them.

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