Over the past few years, resin figures have really grown in popularity. Whether it's that artists can hand make small run art pieces at home - and you don't have to outsource production to a factory in Japan or China - or the medium just works better than rotocast vinyl, resin figures are starting to pick up steam.

resin foo

#5 - Foo Dog by Patch Together
This design was submitted to Patch Together by artist Melita Curphy (Miss Monster). It's an articulated roto-resin piece (you don't see that too often) that really conveys the artist's work.

resin tentatiger

#4 - Tentatiger by Patch Together
Another collaboration between Miss Monster and Patch Together yielded the Tentatiger resin figure. We like this one a little better than the Foo Dog due to the complex sculpting...and the snake tail.

resin destroyer

#3 - Destroyer by Argonaut Resins
I had a chance to customize one of O_Negative's blank Destroyer resin figures (it's the one pictured above). Not only are they great for customizers, but the overall design is great.

resin ducksauce

#2 - Ducksauce by DynomightNYC and Suckadelic
The Sucklord produced bootleg styled Ducksauce was the first figure released from DynomightNYC's Cthulhu Juice Crew series. And they even created a few specially made figures for some of their favorite toy news sites...

resin rascal

**WINNER** #1 - Big Rollin' Rascal by Scott Tolleson
Artist Scott Tolleson has cornered the market on cute girls riding three wheeled vehicles. Whether you like the Tricycle Terror or Big Rollin' Rascal better, Stolle has sped ahead of the resin competition...albeit on a Big Wheel.

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