We previously looked at our favorite blind box series, but what about all of the other vinyl, articulated and plush lines? In a mishmash of various styles and materials, we'll take a look at our five favorite lines from the past year. What makes up a "toy line"? It can't be a one-off figure...that's about it.

line icons

#5 - IWG Movie Icon Series by Rocket World
Rocket World re-imagined their three most popular Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo characters (Titus, Affonso and Hannibal) from various classic action movies.

line uppy

#4 - Uglydolls by Pretty Ugly
David, Sun-Min and the rest of the Uglydoll crew released several new Uglys in 2009. Our favorite? Uppy - pictured above.

line lubies

#3 - Lubies by RocketUSA
In 2009, RocketUSA released their line of super-soft, softball-sized Lubies plushies. Two series were released, featuring a number of cute little animals. Lions and Tigers and Bears...yep, they have all of them.

line onell

#2 - Glyos System Series by Onell Design
Onell continued their strong Glyos line by adding several new sculpts - Buildman, Armodoc, Beanbot, Gobon - to an already strong series. And they've expanded to include rotocast vinyl figures in the line.

line gijoe

**WINNER** #1 - G.I. Joe by Sideshow Collectibles
Sideshow teamed up with Hasbro and brought all of the children of the 80's a line they've been waiting for. Not only did Sideshow hold true to the classic line's styling, but they also released a quality product.

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