Sculpting work (like paint application) can either make or break a toy. And while you need both to perfect a figure, it starts with the sculpt. If you're sculpting a likeness of Harrison Ford, and it looks more like Bea Arthur...that's not going to cut it. So we're looking at the top 5 sculpts that have done the best job recreating their source artwork/likeness.

sculpt gandalf

#5 - Gandalf the Grey by Sideshow Collectibles
Yes, we are a little over six years past the last of The Lord of the Rings films. And it appears that Sideshow is finished producing 1/6 scale figures based on the license for the time being. But their sculpt of Ian McKellen as Gandalf is clearly the best of the line.

sculpt rascal

#4 - Big Rollin' Rascal by Scott Tolleson
In 2008, we saw the Tricycle 2009, we were given the Big Rollin' Rascal. The resin figure was sculpted based on a fairly complex illustration (at least by toy standards). But they pulled off one of the best resin pieces of the year.

sculpt boris

#3 - Boris - U1 Toy Arts
Nathan Hamill's first toy release was the purple and black raccoon named Boris. The sculptor kept that same boxy look that the original artwork had. And there are great little tooling marks that you don't often see in vinyl.

sculpt up carl

#2 - UP - Carl - Hot Toys
Hot Toys went the vinyl route with their Disney/Pixar UP license...and (especially in the case of Carl) they produced an amazing likeness of the cartoon...errr...CGI character. It looks like the crotchety old man jumped out of the TV to yell at you to get off of his lawn.

sculpt don vito

**WINNER** #1 - Don Vito Corleone - Hot Toys
It's not surprising that Hot Toys swiped the top two spots in this category. Industry-wide, they're known as employing some of the best sculptors. And if you position this version of Marlon Brando from The Godfather just'd think that you're actually watching the Oscar winning film. Just look at the jowls, fine wrinkles and hair. Oh...and we're not even talking about the amazing paintwork on this figure.

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