Whether you like to display your toys out of the package or inside their pristine, airtight fortress...you must admit that pretty packaging sometimes make the toy. And it's in the spirit of well-produced, artistic packaging that we bring you the 2009 Plastic and Plushies Award for Best Packaging.

buck rogers

#5 - Buck Rogers by Go Hero
No one would throw away this fine wood box with a sliding cover. All of the laser etched graphics and literature give the figure a retro feel...even before you see the figure.

canned haminal

#4 - Canned Haminal by Crystal Chesney-Thompson
Funny, witty and appropriate are the best ways to describe this Spam-like plastic tub. And the plush fits perfectly inside. I appreciate packaging that shows special effort was put into its design.

snake eyes

#3 - Snake Eyes - Sideshow Collectibles
Working with Hasbro, Sideshow has brought that retro 1980's 3 3/4" packaging feel to their 1/6 scale line. Combine the collector friendly design of their Star Wars line with this retro style...and it's a keeper.

don vito

#2 - Don Vito Corleone - Hot Toys
The first thing you notice above The Godfather packaging is that it weighs about 10 pounds. There are all sorts of compartments...oh...and it's flocked. A flocked box? Wow.


**WINNER** #1 - YHWH - Necessaries Toy Foundation
This masterpiece is actually more impressive than the figure packaged inside. Mark Ryden fans who cannot afford to purchase his original artwork (I'm guessing that's most of his fans) could just display this box. With gold foil and plenty of artwork, it's our favorite of 2009.

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