So what exactly qualifies as a highly articulated figure? Well, they usually have multiple points of articulation (over 20) and are often 1/6  scale or - in the case of the TCF line - larger. We've put together our top ten list of favorite (reviewed) articulated figures of the year past.

artic smart

#10 - Maxwell Smart by Tonner Doll Company
It was Steve Carell's character in The 40 Year Old Virgin that collected all sorts of articulated figures. So it's only fitting that the actor gets his own authorized likeness. The figure is based on the Get Smart movie license...but you could easily turn him into Michael Scott.

artic vader

#9 - Darth Vader by Sideshow Collectibles
Sideshow continued releasing figures from their Star Wars license, and collectors were happy to finally get their hands on the evil Vader. The hulking 1/6 scale piece is bound to be the centerpiece of any Star Wars collector's display - unless you have a lifesize slave Leia.

artic campbell

#8 - Bruce Campbell by Dark Horse
My Name Is Bruce might just be the worst film I've seen over the past year, but I'm pretty sure that's what they were shooting for. Dark Horse created an authorized likeness of the star - Bruce Campbell - who actually plays himself (or a version thereof) in the film. And you get a bunch of movie-related accessories.

artic supergirl

#7 - Supergirl Deluxe by Tonner Doll Company
Tonner re-released several of their popular female super heroes in a Deluxe line. Aside from  being a lot shinier and a slightly bigger build than the original TCFs - the deluxe versions just have a higher quality feel to them.

artic snake

#6 - Snake Eyes by Sideshow Collectibles
If you were a kid in the 80's (the 1980's, that is), you probably remember a ninja/commando named Snake Eyes. That is, if you were a G.I. Joe fan. Well, Hasbro and Sideshow came together to release a high-quality 1/6 scale G.I. Joe line...and the Snake Eyes figure shows you just how crazy they went with the accessories.

artic yoshi

#5 - Yoshi the Woodling Faerie by Charles Creature Cabinet
It's hard not to be impressed by Charles Stephen's line of handmade ball-joint figures. And while Yoshi only has 16 points of articulation, we'll make an exception to put the resin figure into this category.

artic piggy

#4 - First Mate Piggy by Tonner Doll Company
If you remember The Muppet Show, then you probably also remember the Pigs in Space skit. And if you recall Pigs in Space, there's a good chance you remember First Mate Piggy. This was a easily our choice for best character from Tonner's Miss Piggy line.

artic cobra

#3 - Cobra Trooper by Sideshow Collectibles
The second figure in our top 10 - from Sideshow's G.I. Joe line - is the lonely and overlooked Cobra foot soldier. A great example of how Sideshow has stepped up their game with this line, the Cobra Trooper sports an impressive outfit (and tons of accessories).

artic rogers

#2 - Buck Rogers by Go Hero
The first 1/6 scale figure from Go Hero ended up being better than expected (and we had fairly high expectations). Yeah, there was a great outfit with a bunch of accessories, die-cast parts, a real glass helmet, etc. But the new figure body with a built-in MP3 player is our favorite part. You can listen to episodes of the original Buck Rogers radio show, record your own, or upload whatever you like.

artic vito

**WINNER** #1 - Don Vito Corleone by Hot Toys
Already the winner of best sculpt and a runner up in the packaging category, the Don Vito Corleone was an obvious favorite from 2009. This figure from The Godfather included an entire set of film accurate accessories. The paint and sculpt work on the figure is quite possibly the best we've ever seen. Yeah...he even has liver spots on his hands.

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