Jomike Tejido's most recent creation is the Robotars resin toy. The toy project started as a papercraft back in 2008. When the resin piece is formally launched, Jomike has plans for a group of 10 artists to customize a Robotars figure.

When the resin figures are released in 2010, it will consist of 100 hand-painted Robotars resin figures in blind boxes. The character's head can split open so you can turn your figure into a planter. Also, his hands can hold pens, and you can clip a photo or drawing on his tail clip.

Background info about Robotars:

The robotic tarsier or Robotar is created by Dr. Honeyjar and his son Pulot in a future land called Sitsiryum Island. They were invaded by evil the Robo-Kaiju, that made kaiju monsters out of the peaceful creatures of the island. That is why Robotars was invented. Initially programmed to destroy, Robotars learns to love, and starts to replant flowers to make Sitsiryum island beautiful once more.

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