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From December 12th, 2009 until January 2nd, 2010, Slow welcomes Tan-Ki for his "Invasion Toyz" exhibition. He will present a part of his own designer toy collection to open up the Art Toy world to the people in Brest, France.

One-off items lent by Artoyz, LeLab and Rabbit QbiQ will invade the Slow Shop. There will be a new serie of DIY Kitoys, the very first 8" Crystal KiClear, and custom Kitoy figures by:

Plaseebo, Le Merde, Bunka, Fakir, CartOne, Codel, Tizieu, Doudoupop, Jeremiah Ketner, Triclops Studio, Grapheart, Bishop Parigo, Skwak, Flying Fortress, Steph Cop, Hello Brute Paul Kaiju, Phuek, Spasm One.

tanki lemerde tanki plaseebo

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