immortal toy

Fresh off their debut at the Big Apple Comic Convention, the Concrete Immortalz team, led by graffiti artist/designer Phetus, will be appearing at the Multiversal Group Show on December 6th.

Phetus, Mr. DEN and Rodolfo Ledesma will have designer vinyl toys and original canvases on display and promotional copies of the Concrete Immortalz comic books available to attendees. There will be two mash-up canvases featuring the graffiti and fine art of Phetus mixed with comic penciling and inking by Eisner Nominated artist, Rodolfo Ledesma. There will also be a designer vinyl of The Wall Lord by Phetus and Mr. DEN, painted by hand onto a custom body.

We broke some ground crossing our design work into the realm of comic books and we’ll be flipping it the other way around, mashing our comic work into our art displays featured in the Multiversal Show” says Phetus.

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