Yipe! Software is proud to announce a new retro-style RPG for the iphone called Yipe! 5 - Attack of Idle Hands.  This RPG features simple yet addictive gameplay set in an fantasy featuring clever twists and a unique artistic sensibility.


Urban vinyl artist, Dylan Sisson, has joined up Yipe Software to bring his vinyl character, Idle Hands, into the zany world of Yipe Mr. Sisson's Idle Hands, is the ultimate bad guy ... and is responsible for creating all sorts of world-jeopardizing problems. Artist, Dylan Sisson, has created all the art for the game, from Idle Hands himself, to the monsters, to even the grass tiles ... creating a game with a unique visual look.

This indie project is the result of collaboration between an artist, a game designer, and a musician. The first chapter of "Yipe! 5" is due for release early December 2009 on the iphone.

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