For the duration of Art Basel Miami Beach, WST Worldwide & Kazilla Productions will be hosting the Multiversal group show - a unique series of exhibitions showcasing the works of many talented artists from around the world. Multiversal is the brainchild of graphic artist and Wizard Sleeve Toys founder, Mike Franco and rising star Cassie “Kazilla” Williams.

Multiversal will occupy several rooms including a South Florida local artist room, an Art Institute student exhibition, the second Feminality art show, a custom toy show and several exhibitions and installations. A true mix of art on a variety of platforms, Multiversal will feature more than 150 top artists from the likes of Buff Monster, Sket-One, Mear One, Kano, Georgette Pressler (body art), Tara Hauck (fine art photography), as well as Aunia Kahn, Tofusquirrel and Jessica Sardas amongst others.

The Multiversal group show begins on Thursday, December 3rd and runs until Sunday, December 6th. It will take place at The American Legion building, 6445 NE 7th Ave in the Miami Modern District. Admission is FREE. Tara McPherson and several other artists will be on-hand for the event. All of the art displayed during the Multiversal group show will be available for sale to the public. Part of the exhibition proceeds will benefit

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