One of the new plush toy possibilities unveiled from the folks at Patch Together is the Jinx Bunny designed by JMKit. If they receive enough votes for this design, they will make it available for pre-order.
You can go ahead and vote for the character here: http://www.patchtogether.com/designs/designs/view/id/2206

Jinx is one of my lead characters, his story: He was sat amongst a bunch of other new released bunny toys that were on a shelf ready to be bought, the children all ran in the store and rushed to pick there new favourite bunny totally clearing the shelves, all except for two bunnies who were damaged in the crush. Jinx was one of these, he lost an eye and his tail and was left behind. The toy owner took pity on the lost bunny, stitched a kiss - X - for his missing eye and Jinx was born!


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