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The newest Ozzel Colorway - Hoodoo Voodoozzel - will go on sale tomorrow (Wednesday November 11th) through Porlzilla.com. Each Ozzel is hand cast in resin plaster, handpainted, and placed in a handmade window box accompanied with a handmade pin badge. They will be available for £15 each.

"Living in the deepest and darkest rainforests there is a nomadic race of ozzels who are said to have a very dark grip of the voodoo ways and a nasty taste for ozzel meat. ugh! I wouldnt want to look into any rustling bushes while wandering through a forest and coming face to face with one of these little fella's! That would be one scary sight I tell you! With their weird ritual face paint in the style of a skull, skulls of little ozzels or animals they've caught proudly dangling from around their neck's and dont even get me started on the black slime that comes from their mouths!! Heaven knows whats been in there!"

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