Bryan, of Paper Foldables fame, is a huge fan of Friday the 13th. Trust me...the dude is crazy about everything Friday the 13th. His apartment is full of photos and posters and collectibles from and about the movie series. So, on every Friday the 13th of the calendar, he'll release a new Paper Foldable based on a Friday the 13th movie character. (You can download them from his site)

Jason seemed the obvious choice for the debut Friday the 13th Paper Foldable, but I love the obscure and went with "Sandy", the diner waitress from part 01! Sandy is only in the movie for a minute or 02, but they are memorable moments... trying to figure out if that's a man in drag or what? Alas, Sandy, played by Sally Anne Golden, is indeed woman... a handsome woman! She flirts and serves up Steve Christy's last meal before his fated trip back to camp.


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