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Mmm....fresh baked bread. While this has less to do with plastic or plush and more to do with artwork or eating your artwork, Doodle Bread is a way to bring a little fun and creativity to baking.

Rose Kane - an independent designer and baker from Belfast, Northern Ireland - has perfected a way to bake loaves of bread with little doodles on each slice using different (natural) colors and flavours. She won a UK design award in 2006, started a tiny bakery in Belfast, and recently launched her website selling home baking kits. While these are aimed mostly at getting kids baking bread, adults will also enjoy putting their artwork onto a loaf of bread. Perfect for a holiday treat.

The Doodle Bread Kit comes with a high quality silicon baking tin and a durable squisher and doodle to be used again and again and again with as many different bread recipes as you can think of. All of this for £14.

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