The folks at Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica have revealed their Real Robot Series 2 - Transformers' Constructicons. This custom is a 6 figure set. Each Constructicon can be converted from robot to construction truck and then combined into Devastator (around 20" in height). Included are an additional Dog Qee head - modified for Devastator's head - and a customized body frame.


After doing our real robot series 1 - Valkyrie VF1-S from the Macross anime, we were seriously thinking what we would do next to top that one. We decided to do transformers but would want to customize something really special since we would also be celebrating our 1st year anniversary here at rotobox. We thought "hey, why not do something that can transform and at the same time can also combine". And so we chose to customize decepticon's first combining robot Constructicons or also known as Devastator. It brings back a lot of memories because when we were still kids watching transformers, the first time devastator appeared really blew us away bec he's such an awesome, destructive huge robot and we were literally thinking "how on earth would the autobots defeat such a massive thing?", but of course, autobots always wins in the end.



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