Bryan from Paper Foldables is back to wrap up his series of downloadable paper figures from the old school video game Kid Niki.

Here is the final boss of my Kid
Niki series, "Stone Wizard"! This is the guy who kidnapped Kid Niki's
girlfriend causing the radical ninja to fight through all of the
previous levels and bosses to try and save her. At level 07, Stone
Wizard stands atop a set of stairs spitting fireballs at you. You can
see the girlfriend/princess tied up just beyond waiting for her hero!
You have to dodge the fireballs and attack the Stone Wizard, who upon
defeat, turns into a little spirit thing and flies away. Then Kid Niki
can go get his girlfriend for some points! The End! ...or is it? UGH!
Level 08 what??? Well I guess after you save the damsel, you have to
chase after the bubble blowing Stone Wizard and finish him off for good
to become the ultimate radical ninja of all time. Yay! So there it
is... the Kid Niki Boss series! I guess I have to make the Kid himself

Download the Stone Wizard template here:

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