Charles' Creature Cabinet will be dropping an exclusive surprise edition of Noanie Autumn - The Woodling Faerie. The figure will be made available for pre-order for a limited time (October 6 through October 9).

Noanie Autumn is Charles’ very dear and personal project as a tribute to his late sister Joan. Sadly, Joan Stephan passed away in the Fall of 2005 at the age of 39. She is still missed dearly by her family and friends. Joan was the first born of four children of Joke (Yoshi) and Anton Stephan, a sister of Linda, Leslie and Charles, a sweet and wonderful aunt of Larissa and Kimberley and last but certainly not least a loving mother of Jeremy and Selena. She was also an artist (writer, painter, sculptor). She started working with Charles on a special Fairytale “The Whispering Woods” for their own children years ago, which due to Joan’s sudden parting, they never got to finish.... Joan was also a big fan of Faeries, Fantasy and Dolls, a few years after her parting our world Charles found a way of working in honour of her memory with his “Woodlings Faeries”. Now with this unique offering “Noanie Autumn – The Woodling Faerie” is the ultimate tribute to her and to Joan’s joy and love for life.


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