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Urbanix Gallery, in collaboration with the Industrial Design Department at the Holon Institute of Technology, will be presenting the Mini Me exhibition, which includes designer toys that have been manufactured using OBJET's 3D printing technology. The event will take place November 1st at 8PM at the Urbanix Gallery in Tel Aviv, and run through November 12th.

As part of the project, third-year students in the Industrial Design Department were asked to address their persona and self-perception. Each student was to design a character that embodies him/her, following a process of both self-examination and exposure to the group. Any concept or idea was acceptable, as long as it had a personal, direct connection to the designer's own identity. The exhibition will include 22 toys, which represent the 22 participating designers.

Urbanix Gallery
45 Sheinkin Street (Gallery Floor)
Tel Aviv

Aiala Bugai

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