Le Lab is a new French toy label that is releasing their Playing Art platform toy. The figures are almost 8" in height and feature a ball joint head and bendable tail. They remind me of B.B. Birdy's Funny Club line that was released back in 2003 or 2004.

The first three designs are Bali-Bali (Spam One), Woodi (Aro) and Moon-K (LeJAm). These will be limited to 350 pieces of each design and retail around $93 apiece. There will also be a blank figure that will sell around $55.

They'll also be releasing Marcel and Jessica - the label's mascots - which are designed by Tizieu. Each mascot will be designed in "classic" and "wild" color versions. The figures will measure around 6" tall, include real clothes and two sets of hands. They'll be limited to a run of 500 pieces each at $68 apiece.



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