KeyBotz - the self-proclaimed very first designer toy platform to come out of Sweden - is an art toy with a dash of industrial
design and functionality. The 2.5" tall figure can actually be used to hold your keys by placing a key in each of its arms. The photos here are of print test figures, so they are not final products.

The first series to be launched is called the “Scandinavian Masters”...a series of seven characters created by seven illustrators, graphic
designers and artists from Scandinavia. All seven come each in an exclusive “book
box” containing a 20 page leaflet, a lanyard, and a give away sticker. There will also be a DIY version launched at the same time.

Look for these to be limited to around 500 pieces for each design. They should run around $25 each and are now available for pre-order directly from the above site.


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