Argonaut Resins will be releasing their last batch (the mold will be broken after this run) of the El Diablo figures on Friday (12PM EST) via the Argonaut Resins Store.

Ghostly-E-Diablo Teaser Shadow-El-Diablo

This wave will consist of 6 figures, including: "Ghostly El Diablo", "Shadow El Diablo", "Full Moon El Diablo" and the Trick or Treat Trio of El Diablos - "Dark O'Lantern El Diablo", "All Hallows El Diablo" & "Punkin' Head El Diablo". Each figure stands 6" tall and comes with a Skull King accessory, hand painted packaging and a bonus original mini painting that will serve as the certificate of authenticity.

The figures will cost $125 plus shipping, except for the "Full Moon" colorway ($150 plus shipping).


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