Ahh...yes! If you haven't heard by now, the discussion of Taco Bell's upcoming line of Bellhedz Kid's Meal "Urban Vinyl" toys has been the buzz of Twitter and various discussion boards today. The figure looks like they took the body of a Dunny and added a nipple for a head. O wait! That's supposed to be a bell? 

These actually make me feel a little sick - not unlike those Volcano Nachos. The folks at Taco Bell probably have zero idea about the designer toy scene. They probably have no idea what a Dunny or Munny is. They were probably sold on this idea by some ad agency that told them these designs would be hip and cool with the kids.

And if I were a kid, this would be way better than 90% of the crappy kids meal trash I'd get. But it just further washes down the designer toy scene when you have these awful designs without any heart or creativity behind them trying to pass themselves off as "Urban Vinyl".


[Photo below from Rondo Estrello]


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