Sushibot - 700x480 - 3d alaskabot loves you

Jose Lorenzo Pacheco - a.k.a. Pez Banana - is an illustrator and designer from Venezuela who introduced his Sushibot toy design via PatchTogether. Now available for pre-order, the Sushibot was presented in three original colorways/flavors: Alaskabot (red/black), Ebibot (green/tan), and Calibot (pink/orange). The first colorway to be offered is Alaskabot.

The Sushibot needs 20 pre-orders in order to begin production. (That should definitely happen) Currently, the price for the 5.5" tall resin figure is $29.95, with a $35 price tag after the prototype is made.

  • Sushibot - wallpaper 1 - 1024x768
  • Sushibot - wallpaper 2 - 1024x768
  • Sushibot design pic NEW horiz 1
Sushibot design pic NEW horiz 1

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