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Enter the
lodge and discover creatures you never new existed. Big game Baku,
small game jackalope and a number of other ridiculous critters grace
the trophy room’s walls. It’s Lana Crooks' new show, Trophy.
Put down your musket, no animals have been harmed (or even taunted) in
the making of this show. This solo exhibit features Lana’s new
hand-made and one-of-a-kind sculptural plush works.

Lana, a
self proclaimed “plushinator”, creates illustrative works with fabric.
Most of her pieces hang on the wall, fixed in place, while others are
free standing (or sitting) sculptural objects. One will still see some
of Lana’s signature cephalopods but will also be exposed to a bevy of
new creatures. Her new pieces have been inspired by folklore and a
little twisted reality. Come by the gallery and warm yourself by the
plush fire. Crooks’ Trophy opens September 26th 2009 (from 6PM to 10PM) and will be up for viewing until October 20th at OhNo!Doom in Chicago, IL.


2955 West Lyndale Street
Chicago, IL 60647
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